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You have advisors on your side who will give you tasks and help.


Ragu Silvertongue, your Right Hand Man:

Your most important advisor, who will help not only in negotiating with other rulers and with general state affairs, but will also stand by you during significant events in your city. Ragu Silvertongue is very intelligent and thoughtful, but some people say that he attained his high position of power with little effort and can be quite devious. You should take care that he is always on your side, or he may some day become a problem.


Grivus, the General:

Your General is an old school soldier. He has seen many battles and is very experienced – his advice is always well thought out and you can trust his judgment. Grivus is not a man of many words; he always says in a nutshell what he thinks. But he is also loyal to his king and will execute your instructions unconditionally.


Greva Darn, the Trader:

Your trader has an amazing talent when it comes to making money. She always smells a possible business opportunity, and her tips are worth face value. However, Greva Darn is well aware of her business acumen: she thinks she's smarter and better than her fellow human beings – which in most cases is correct. She therefore does not show much courtesy; you could even say she is arrogant. It will be by no means easy impress Greva or earn her respect. But you really should try – it will pay off for you.


Mandrubar, Director of Science:

Mandrubar is a special case. He is old, very well read, highly intelligent and has absolute capacity – as long as the matter at hand is science. In his laboratory, he does things with ease, but in the real world, he is helpless and lost. You can expect Mandrubar to always provide useful knowledge for you if you support his research projects.


Fernikus, the Builder:

Fernikus is a talented architect who is really absorbed in his work. He is enthusiastic like a young child when it comes to architecture and beautiful buildings, and he will always try to get permission to build more new buildings. However, his enthusiasm sometimes goes a little too far, and you'll have trouble slowing him down if he is really in a construction frenzy.


Rinbin, the Joker:

Your jester Rinbin is responsible for getting people into a good mood. He will entertain you with wit and wisdom. But beware - he will also play practical jokes on you and his fellow advisors. He'll never really hurt you, though, and you can rest assured that he will be at your side when it gets tough, giving you valuable hints.


Mycenia, the counselor:

The lovely princess Myciena of Maidenport was imprisoned by the evil Kaiserin Konstanze. After your rescue she was very thankful and happy to helping you as an adviser! But be careful. Some advisers say don't get carried away by Lady Mycienas beauty. Her charm might be used for her own agenda. Are they just jealous? One thing is sure: she doesn't let anyone uninterested so you have to do your own opinion.